Tenant Directory

Vision Care

Suite 201, International Centre.
Wannita Benjamin, MCOoptom.
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-1pm and afternoons by appointment
Tel: 441-292-5461

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Orchid Nail Spa

Website: wwworchidspabda.com
Email: orchidbda@northock.bm
Open Mon-Sat 9am-6-m, Sun 12pm-5pm
Tel: 441-296-8696

Myotherapy Centre

Offering physiotherapy services including myofascial release, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy.
Call 295 8003 for appointment.
Email: myotherapycentre@gmail.com
Physiotherapist: Maureen Ryan, BSc(PT), BSc(Kin), MBPA, MCPA

The Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association

Website: www.lcca.bm
Email: icca@northrock.bm
Tel: 441-292-1132
Fax: 441-295-7147
Ms. Veronica Harvey, Executive Director
Ms. Vernelle Fisher, Office Administrator
Mrs. Naomi Bean, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Janet L. Kemp

Suite 411, The International Centre,
office: 441-293-1538
cell: 441-505-3938

Holistic Health Bermuda

Website: www.holisticbermuda.com
Website: www.hypnosisbermuda.com
Website: www.reikibermuda.com
Email: mdobbie@logic.bm
Suite 401, The International Centre
Tel: 441-505 7531

Barclay, Dr. Suraia B., M.D., PhD, AGAF

Suite 310, The International Centre
Tel: 441-295-6994